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Sell Your Business


Sell Your Business


Best brokers.
Best-selling experience.

To get the best price when you sell a business, you have to follow the right steps.  All of them.

Gerspacher Bertemes Business Brokers knows all the steps. We walk with you from step one—analyzing your business, to the final one—the handshake when you close the deal.

Our Selling Process



Start With Your Needs

First steps first. We get to know you, your business, your goals, and your expectations.


Value the Business

No two businesses are the same. Neither are any two business valuations. We’re experienced in analyzing all the elements that determine value, some formulaic, some not. In the end, we create fair and honest valuations that have both sellers and buyers satisfied that the number is exactly right.


Look Within

A business’ current employees often become the buyers. So, before we market your business outside, we look for buyers within.


Market Your Business Profile

We create a Business Profile for you that’s market ready and sure to get the attention of the right buyers.  We create a strategy for listing, sharing, advertising, and marketing your profile based on your company’s valuation, strengths, and assets.

Your business profile will appear on (number) of business for sale sites, be featured on our website, and shared with our database of over (number) of potential buyers. (Add other marketing tools/strategies here if there are additional methods that should be mentioned)


Respond to Leads and Offers

We will filter the responses to our marketing and advertising strategies to present the best possible matches to you to review. That includes making sure offers are serious and have competent financial backing.

We’ll walk you through the advantages of each offer to help you decide which one best meets your needs.


The Final Handshake

Before the final handshake comes due diligence and considerable paperwork. We expedite the due diligence process, and work with legal representatives, accountants, and financial institutions to complete all final documents.

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